Solid state energy conversión devices

Contact: Dr. Marc Torrell
Ongoing projects: Cell3Ditor, Eco, CoSin, Refer, 3DMade
Selected publications: Journal of Materials Chemistry A Volume 6, Issue 20, 2018, Pages 9699-9707
Infiltrated mesoporous oxygen electrodes for high temperature co-electrolysis of H2O and CO2 in solid oxide electrolysis cellsJournal of the European Ceramic SocietyVolume 39, Issue 1, January 2019, Pages 9-16
Three-dimensional printed yttria-stabilized zirconia self-supported electrolytes for solid oxide fuel cell applications

The use of efficient energy storage solutions and clean power generation will be a key factor for the success on the present energy transition, which will be based on H2 and synthetic fuels as energy vectors. The proposed SOC technology offers a high benefit, clean and efficient solution. The electrolyser (SOEC) will store the renewable energy, through power-to-gas route, in the form of H2 when electrolysing water (first step of market penetration) and will generate synthetic gas (CO+H2, precursor of all synthetic fuels) when electrolysing CO2+H2O. In the latter case the CO2 that nowadays is emitted will be reused to produce a high benefit product.  To close the circle, the H2 or synthetic fuel can be used as fuel for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells with a high electric efficiency.

Nanoionics and Solid State Energy Conversion Devices group possesses more than 18 years of experience in this field, from the development of new materials and electrochemical characterisation, to the stack fabrication and system implementation of industrial environments. Different European and national projects related to the SOC optimisation in terms of performance and fabrication, as well as Power-to-Gas and Gas-to-Power routes, has been led by the IREC researchers.

Some of the flag projects are the Cell3Ditor, which deals with the fabrication of a complete stack by one step hybrid ceramic 3D printing. Another important project is the Eco focused on the Power to Gas route to generate synthetic CH4 from industrial CO2. At national level there should be highlighted the Cosin and Refer projects, which apply the SOEC and SOFC technology respectively in relevant industrial environments, as well as the coordination of the 3DMade national project.