Research Lines

Ongoing EU Projects

Other Ongoing Projects:


3DPASSION: 3D Processing of Advanced Solid State IONics energy devices (RETOS de INVESTIGACION)

FEMIoT: Internet of Things Community (RIS3-EMERGENTS)

BASE3D: Additive Manufacturing Community (RIS3-EMERGENTS)

HyBCN: Hydrogen lab for the modernisation and technological transformation of the city of Barcelona (Ajuntament BCN)

HyFLHi: Hydrogen Fuel Cell 3D printed devices for high autonomy Unmaned Aerial Vehicles (Proof of Concept, MICINN)

HiFV: Hydrogen generation system coupled to photovoltaics

Previous Projects:


Coordinated by ATLAB:


ULTRASOFC: Breaking the temperature limits of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: Towards a new family of ultra-thin portable power sources (H2020-ERC CoG)

CELL3DITOR: Cost-effective and flexible 3D printed SOFC stacks for commercial applications (H2020-FCH JU)

3DMADE: Materiales Y Dispositivos Impresos En Tres Dimensiones Para Almacenamiento De Energia Y Produccion De Biofuel (RETOS Investigación)


Participated by ATLAB:


ECO:  Efficient Co-Electrolyser for Efficient Renewable Energy Storage (H2020-FCH JU)

COSIN: Synthetic Fuels (RIS3CAT)

REFER: Reducció Energètica i Flexibilitat en Edificis en Rehabilitació (RIS3CAT)

ENDURANCEENhanced DURability materials for Advanced stacks of New solid oxide fuel Cells , (FP7- JTI FCH-EU)

SAFARISOFC APU For Auxiliary Road-truck Installations , JTI Fuel Cells and Hydrogen, (FP7-JTI FCH-EU)

SINERGYSilicon Friendly Materials and Device Solutions for Microenergy Applications (FP7-NMP-EU)

FETENS: Fabrication of High efficiency electrolyser system for energy storage.  (Indústria del Coneixment)

SIGGNAL: Si-Ge nanostructures for power generation and energy storage (RETOS Investigación)