Research Lines

Ongoing EU Coordinated Projects

Thin Film Reversible Solid Oxide Cells for Ultracompact Electrical Energy Storage

Energy HarceStorers for Powering the Internet of Things

Hydrogen Production in Pressurized 3D-Printed Solid Oxide Electrolysis Stacks

Reversible SOEC/SOEFC system for a zero-emissions network energy system

Other Ongoing Competitive Projects

Development of ADVAnced next GENeration Solid-State bateries for Electromobility Applications

Anode-free all-solid-state batteries: From thin film to bulk

CO2 Capture and valorization for the development of a SUstainable route to produce synthetic green fuels for maritime transPORT

Hydrogen FueL Cell 3D printed devices for High autonomy Unmaned Aerial Vehicle based-Knowledge and technology Transfer

3D Printed All Solid State Li-ion Batteries

Disseny, Estudi i Fabricació d’ INterconnectors per al desenvolupament d’un apilament de cel·les d’Electròlisis basat en tecnologia d’òxid sòlid (SOEC) d’alta eficiència

Solid-State Ionics Synaptic Transistors for Neuromorphic Computing


3D Printing All-Solid State Batteries for the Internet of Things Applications

Desenvolupament d’un sistema de generació d’hidrogen net acoblat a una planta d’energia solar fotovoltaica

Open Innovation Test Bed for Electrolysis Materials for CLEAN HYdrogen PROduction

3D processing of advanced solid state ionics energy devices

SIMulation assisted optimization of high Pressure solid oxide ELectrolysis Cells

Selection of Previous Projects Coordinated by ATLAB

HyBCN: Hydrogen lab for the modernisation and technological transformation of the city of Barcelona (BCN, 2020-2021)

ULTRASOFC: Breaking the temperature limits of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: Towards a new family of ultra-thin portable power sources (EU-H2020-ERC CoG, 2016-2021)

3DMADE: Materiales Y Dispositivos Impresos En Tres Dimensiones Para Almacenamiento De Energia Y Produccion De Biofuel (ES-RETOS, 2016-2020)

CELL3DITOR: Cost-effective and flexible 3D printed SOFC stacks for commercial applications (EU-H2020-FCH JU, 2016-2019)