Lisa Laa is currently a PhD student at the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC, Barcelona). Lisa received her bachelor’s and master’s degree at Vienna University of Technology (Austria). During her master she specialized in the topics of applied analytical and physical chemistry. For her master thesis she had the opportunity to work in collaboration with two research groups: Instrumental Analytical Chemistry and Technical Electrochemistry. Her work was focused on the development of LA-ICP-MS as a quantitative analytical technique to determine the lithium amount in lithium lanthanum titanium oxide (solid-state electrolyte in LIBs) to be able to investigate the voltage stability limit. During her studies she also worked as a tutor and instructed undergraduates during their laboratory classes in analytical instrumental chemistry.

Her PhD thesis focuses on the development and characterizations of materials which can be applied as cathodes in protonic conducting fuel cells (PCFC) as well as on the building of machine-learning based models to be able to predict material properties. Thanks to her experience in analytical techniques applied to materials used in electrochemical devices, her ability to learn and her motivation for experimentation she is eager to broaden her knowledge.

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