Nerea has focused her career on the development of nano/micro devices. She has participated in several projects related to nanotechnology, performing research activities in top quality cleanroom facilities in Europe and the US. After her Bachelor, Nerea had her first contact with nano/microfabrication at IMEC (Belgium). Then, she performed her PhD. at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona based on functional nanoparticles and interdigitated nanoelectrodes for biosensing. During that period she had the opportunity to carry out part of her research at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (CA, USA). In 2014 she joined the University of Washington to develop an intraocular pressure sensor based on microtechnology to monitor glaucoma. Beside the technical development, she was also in charge of leading the efforts of this project on the entrepreneurial side. Currently, she is in charge of the microfabrication aspects of the micro-SOFC based power generator in the frame of an ERC grant at IREC.