Rahmiye Zerrin Yarbay-Sahin

Dr. Rahmiye Zerrin Yarbay-Sahin completed her MSc about perovskite-type catalyst development for multi fuel catalytic reformer for hydrogen production in chemical engineering in Yıldız Technical University (Turkey) in 2010. She worked within Prof. N. Özbay’s Group about especially pyrolysis, activated carbon production, adsorption, catalyst synthesis, and evaluation since 2011. She got her Ph.D. degree in 2017 in Bilecik Seyh Edebali University (Turkey) with completing her thesis entitled “Synthesis and characterization of perovskite and perovskite/SBA-15 type catalysts with different methods and their catalytic activity in pyrolysis”.

Zerrin has been working about perovskites since 2007 and used perovskites in different catalytic applications. She envolved in BRISK2 which is a Horizon2020 project with her proposal entitled “Utilization from perovskite-type catalysts for catalytic upgrading of gas mixtures to fuels” with collaboration Dr. Andrea Lanzini from Department of Energy (DENERG), Politecnico di Torino in 2018. She joined the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC) as a post-doc researcher regarding the scholarship of The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey in February 2019. Her current activities at IREC are focused on the development of oxide thin films and oxide powders.