Dr. Vladislav Kolotygin obtained his PhD degree in the area of Materials Science and Engineering in 2015 (University of Aveiro, Portugal) working on oxide materials for application as Solid Oxide Cells (SOC) electrodes. Afterwards, he had a post-doctoral fellowship at the Institute of Solid-State Physics (Chernogolovka, Russia) participating in R&D projects dedicated to fabrication of planar SOC batteries, from laboratory-scale model cells up to >2 kW-power stacks. In 2020, Dr. Kolotygin joined CIC Energigune (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain) as a post-doctoral researcher in the area of inorganic electrolyte materials for all-solid-state batteries. In 2023 he started his research activity at IREC as a Tenure-Track Researcher, working on full-ceramics SOCs in the symmetric configuration.

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