Cell3Ditor obtains the Solar Impulse label

Cell3Ditor project has been awarded by the Solar Impulse by the Solar Impulse foundation with the Efficient Solution label created by Bertrand Piccard. The Solar Impulse foundation acknowledges solutions that are profitable as well as environmentally friendly.

This labeling process enters into the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions launched by Bertrand Piccard during COP 23. The Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label is designed to shed light on existing Solutions that are both clean and profitable and have a positive impact on quality of life.

The Cell3Ditor project boosts recycling and preventing the loss of valuable CRM materials with a reduction of up to 80% of advanced ceramics. Cell3Ditor promotes the simplification of the manufacturing process of SOFCs reducing the energy consumption in up to 70% (and correspondingly the GHG emissions). Finally, the Cell3Ditor factory fabricates a clean power generation system. Economic benefits Manufacturing cost reduction of 51% and the capital cost in 63%, moreover, reduces the time to market (from years to months) by a substantial simplification of the design for manufacturing.