Book Release: 3D printing for Energy Applications

3D Printing for Energy Applications, co-authored by Albert Tarancón (ICREA Research Professor and Head of the Nanoionics and Fuel Cells Group at the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research) and Vincenzo Esposito (Professor and Technology Coordinator in Ceramic Science and Engineering at the Department of Energy Conversion and Storage, Technical University of Denmark) delivers an insightful and cutting-edge exploration of the applications of 3D printing to the fabrication of complex devices in the energy sector. The book covers aspects related to additive manufacturing of functional materials with applicability in the energy sector. It reviews both the technology of printable materials and 3D printing strategies itself, and its use in energy devices or systems.

 It is already available in several online bookstores, e.g. amazon (click here) or Wiley (click here).

Split into three sections, the book covers the 3D printing of functional materials before delving into the 3D printing of energy devices. It closes with printing challenges in the production of complex objects. It also presents an interesting perspective on the future of 3D printing of complex devices.